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Traditional white cheese

Traditional white cheese from 100% pasteurized goat's milk collected from the mountain farms of our Members in the broader area of Kalavryta. It matures for approximately three (3) months and is kept in fifteen kilo (15 kg) tin metal containers with brine. Unique taste, slightly spicy, with excellent use as a table cheese but also for salads, pies, and other dishes.

Tin Container of Goat Cheese

Nutritional Statement

  PER 100g PER PORTION 30g %RIA*
Energy Value: 305kcal/1266Kj 91,5  
Fats: 25,6g    
Saturated: 17,3g    
Carbohydrates: <1,0g    
Sugar: <0,5g    
Protein: 17,7g    
Salt: 1,8g    

*%RIA: Referenced Intake Amount of an average adult 200kcal/8400kj

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