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Our goal is to continue the good and positive growth of the Kalavryta Cooperative, its further development with the production of new products, with constant investments and the support of local producers who are our driving force.


Pavlos Satolias was born in April 1971 in Skotani of Kalavryta province. He completed his school years at the school of Kleitoria with excellent results and from the age of 19 he devoted himself to the family livestock farm that his father maintained in Skotani. Today he is professionally engaged in livestock farming, maintaining a modern and fully-equipped livestock breeding unit.

In 2003 he was elected for the first time to the Board of Directors of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kalavryta and from 2007 until today he has been the Chairman of the Board of the current Agricultural Dairy Cooperative of Kalavryta. A course that his father, Fokion Satolias, first charted in 1982 with undeniably remarkable work for those times. The Kalavryta Cooperative currently exceeds 35 million euros in annual turnover, presents profitable results every year, with over 2 million euros in earnings, and has created the modern infrastructures for the production of the Kalavryta Cooperative's traditional barrel-aged Feta PDO.

His tenure at the Kalavryta Cooperative is associated with important projects to upgrade and modernize the milk processing plant, development initiatives and actions that contributed decisively to the prominence of the Kalavryta Cooperative's barrel-aged Feta PDO and the support of the price of goat and sheep milk towards producers.

He has been president of the Union of Young Cooperative Farmers (ENSA) within the framework of the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (ΕΤΗΕΑS), with cooperative ethics and principles. In addition, all these years he has been active in agencies and organizations with an agricultural content, for example he is a member and current Chairman of the Board of Directors of ODIPPAF. Since the foundation of NEAS PASEGES in September 2016, which evolved into ETHEAS, he has been a member of the Board of Directors and since May 2017 he has been elected Chairman of the Board, with a strong sense of responsibility for defending the values of farmers who serve daily and selflessly the primary agricultural sector.

He has taken the initiative to create the National Inter-Professional Organization of the Greek Feta PDO and from the positions he holds today, he daily submits proposals to every direction and also to the Government to achieve his goals, regarding the support of the primary sector of our country and the production of authentic traditional products.

Board of directors

Chairman: Pavlos Satolias of Fokion

Αντιπρόεδρος: Soukas Theodoros of Nikolaos

Γραμματέας: Koutroumbis Dimitrios of Charalambos

Treasurer: Mougopetros Georgios of Aristides

Member: Georgopoulos George of Spyridon

Member: Christos Vasiliou Panagiotakopoulos

Member: Pavlopoulos Andreas of Alexandrou

Supervisory Board

Chairman:Andrikopoulos Georgios Christou

Member: Sakkas Dimitrios of Georgiou

Member: Dimitrios Diamantopoulos of Anastasios

Member: Karamouzis Andreas tou Ioannis

Member: Panagiotopoulos Christos tou Andreas

General Manager

                Konstantinos Latsis

Former Chairmen


13/1/1964 - 21/8/1967


21/8/1967 - 12/10/1974


12/10/1974 - 15/1/1978
& 24/5/1987 - 22/7/1990


11/3/1979 - 19/12/1982


11/3/1979 - 19/12/1982


19/12/1982 - 27/11/1986
& 7/5/1994 - 16/12/1995

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