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The environment is our home

The Kalavryta Cooperative, since its foundation, has always been aware of issues related to the protection of the environment.

Respecting its employees and residents of the area and in full compliance with existing legislation, it took action since the beginning, to ensure the sustainable development of the area and to protect the ecosystem.

A fully equipped biological purification unit is in operation, which is constantly being modernized. A production unit of biogas as a fuel will soon be operating.

Complementary to the function of biological purification, and always with the aim of avoiding the pollution of underground and surface water, the Kalavryta Cooperative cooperated for the construction of a protein production unit.

In addition, we have installed photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs of our facilities, taking advantage of the sunny days at Kalavryta.


The people, our family

The Kalavryta Cooperative is the heart of the economy for all the families who have trusted us for many years. It supports more than 1,100 livestock breeding units, producers and members in the broader area of Kalavryta, as well as producers in the mountainous regions of the Peloponnese.

We employ 130 people at the factory and offices, while all our facilities are located in the Kalavryta area .

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