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Nutrition & Health Issues

Read interesting articles about nutrition and our health, through the lens of the healthy products of the Kalavryta Cooperative

5 Benefits of Yogurt
Monday 12 Jun 2023
The yogurt of the Kalavryta Cooperative - sheep or goat - is produced from milk that has undergone lactic fermentation. Consumption...
489 proteins were identified in Feta cheese, the national treasure of Greece
Thursday 23 Dec 2021
"Feta PDO cheese, a global star. The scientific documentation that Feta is one of the most protein-rich types of cheese...
Feta: The Healthiest Cheese in the World. 5 Benefits of Feta.
Monday 20 Dec 2021
1. Digestion Many people suffer from lactose intolerance, a sugar found in cow's milk, meaning they have difficulty digesting it. Some...
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