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Athanasios Papadopoulos

Since 1983, he has assumed the duties of General Manager, systematically working for the development of the Cooperative. He developed goat and sheep farming in the area, kept the Kalavrytians in their place and managed through constant investments to create a Cooperative with a turnover approaching 30 million.

Milestones under the administration of Athanasios Papadopoulos

In 1983 he signed an agreement with Sclavenitis, a collaboration that has lasted ever since and has been extended to the 560 stores that the group has.

Creation of Biological Purification and Waste Management

Construction of Refrigeration - Maturation Unit

Construction Protein Production Unit

Athanasios Papadopoulos

Athanasios Papadopoulos was born in May 1953 in Kalavryta. He studied economics at the Higher School of Economics and Commercial Sciences (ASOEE), in Athens.

In November 1983 he returned to Kalavryta and worked from then until September 2009 at the Kalavryta Agricultural Cooperatives Association as General Manager. From this position, he worked systematically for the reconstruction of the organization and the support of the income of the farmers and breeders of the Kalavryta region and the wider region, and he decisively contributed to the development and promotion of the EAS Kalavryta to one of the most important organizations in the country.

Between 1987-1989 he was a Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of the Martyr City of Kalavryta. He participated as a member in institutions and associations of the Municipality area. Participating in the great invitation created by the administrative reform of "I.Kapodistria" he took part in the municipal elections of 1998, leading the "Unified Municipal March" combination, succeeding in being elected for the first time as Mayor of the new enlarged Kapodistrian Municipality of Kalavryta, consisting of 31 Local Apartments and 53 settlements, a position to which he was re-elected for two additional four-year terms until September 2009.

His tenure in the Municipality of Kalavryta was associated with a series of important projects, development initiatives and actions that contributed to the development and prominence of the Municipality of Kalavryta, making it an example of efficient and effective self-governing operation.

During his term as Mayor of Kalavryton, he was also President of the Municipal Enterprise "Ski Center of Kalavryton" (1999-2009), President of the Municipal Museum of the Kalavryton Holocaust (1999-2006), President of the Development Company Achaia SA. (2006-2009), President of the Network of Witness Cities and Villages of Greece (2002-2009), Vice-President and Secretary of the Board of TEDC of Achaia (1999-2009). In October 2009, he was elected MP for Achaia of PASOK until May 2012. He took up again the Director of the New Agricultural Dairy Cooperative of Kalavryta in May 2016, a position he holds until today. He is married to Eugenia Koudounis and the father of two children, Giannis and Alexandra.

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