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60 years of Kalavryta Cooperative

At the Kalavryta Cooperative, with a 60-Year relationship of trust we ensure the reputation of our products and persist on quality and tradition. Our goal is to continue to bring to your table excellent and safe products of high nutritional value.

Our flagship product, the Barrel FETA PDO, is produced with milk from extensive free-range livestock farming, in areas of unique flora at Helmos, the mountain of 2000 herbs and plants. Our Feta speaks to the heart, with a clary, authentic, mountain flavor of vitality and strength.

Pavlos Satolias - Chairman of the Kalavryta Cooperative

Milestones of our Cooperative's History

The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kalavryta is founded, by animal breeders of the Kalavryta area, which evolves into the "Agricultural Dairy Cooperative of Kalavryta".
A milk processing factory is established for the production of cheese products through the collection and utilization of the quality milk of the region on a cooperative basis.
The factory begins with the production mainly of the traditional barrel Feta cheese, well known as the "FETA PDO of Kalavryta Cooperative". Its operation has played an important role in the region and has contributed to supporting the income of livestock farmers and the development of the milk zone of the wider region of Kalavryta.
The Cooperative utilizes four (4) developmental and investment programs and continuously reinvests its own funds, for the contstant modernization of its cheese factory and the creation of modern operational infrastructures.
The collaboration with the Sklavenitis retail chain begins, a timeless relationship for exclusive distribution of our products, which continues to this day.
As part of the investments, the production unit of animal fodder starts in 1986 in Kalavryta. (Also one in Kleitoria in 2004)
A biological purification unit for the treatment and disposal of liquid waste is established and quickly completed.
A protein processing unit under the name "Achaic Proteins" is put into operation near the cheese factory by a private entrepreneur with the support of the Cooperative, which provides a comprehensive environmental solution to the management of cheese milk.
Submitted to the Ministry of Agricultural Development, a new investment program is implemented for the development of the milk zone of the broader Kalavryta area and the modernization of the factory.
The General Assembly decides to transform the Union into a primary Cooperative and 34 primary cooperatives, members of the Union, decide to merge and be absorbed by the Cooperative.
The first quantity of Feta PDO by the Cooperative is exported to the USA!
The Cooperative begins to produce and market a new range of Dairy products. The Feta PDO of the Cooperative receives the "Gastronomos" Product Award Νo1 in a blind tasting competition amongst the 35 best Greek Fetas!
The Board of Directors entrusts the day-to-day management to a professional team of executives under the General Manager, and approves a budget for the commercial department.
The Cooperative celebrates 60 Years since the foundation of the factory and organizes a three-day celebration, honouring the breeders and associates. A dynamic communication program unfolds, with rich promotion by television channels.
2022 - 2023
A number of important investments is implemented with the support of the EU Resilience & Recovery Fund, amounting to €13.5 million:A New Packaging Unit, New Animal Feed factory, Expansion of Maturation & Storage unit, Improvement of factory production process.
60th Anniversary from the founding of the Cooperative in 1963! A support program for livestock Breeders with Mechanical Equipment is implemented.
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