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Kalavrita Cooperative:
A 60 Year Relationship based on trust


Meet our Kalavryta Cooperative

With a starting point in 1963, the Kalavryta Cooperative keeps writing its own unique history in the area of cheese making and dairy products.

A story, starring the enchanting nature of the area, the 1,100 breeders-members of the Cooperative, the excellent hygiene and control conditions ensured by the modern technological equipment of the production unit and the responsibility of the experienced, specialized human resources.

Since more than half a century, the Cooperative has been producing high-quality products from sheep and goat milk that originates in the mountain farms of our members: Feta PDO, goat cheese, dry mizithra, afiri cheese, alifotyri (cheese spread with Feta).

Recently, we have started producing our new dairy products, with the same quality: namely fresh cow milk (full fat & light), traditional sheep and goat yogurt, vanilla cream, rice pudding, cow gruyere cheese and soon fresh goat's milk.

Today the Kalavryta Cooperative celebrates its 60 years of operation and looks to the future with confidence.

From the mountain farms of the rich nature of the wider Kalavryta region, we collect, fresh milk of steady quality daily from our 1100 members-breeders. Using traditional methods and the strictest quality and hygiene methods we ripen out Feta in Beech wood barrels and offer you an excellent quality Feta PDO with a unique taste.



You can find “FETA PDO of Kalavryta Cooperative” and our other products in selected SKLAVENITIS Supermarkets.

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