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made of sheep and goat milk

Rich flavor with accents of dry butter and milk proteins. Off-white color, solid, usually spherical in shape. It dries in a closed drying chamber for at least five to six (5-6) days.

Used grated on spaghetti and in pieces, in a multitude of recipes.

Vacuum Packaging

Nutritional Statement

  PER 100g PER PORTION 10g %RIA*
Energy Value: 203kcal/854kj 20,3kcal/85,4kj 0,20%
Fats: 10g 1g 1,40%
Saturated: 6,5g 0,6g 3%%
Carbohydrates: 2,2g 0,2g <0,2%
Sugars: 2,1g 0,2g <0,2%
Protein: 33,1g 3,3g 7,30%
Salt: 5g 0,5g 8,30%

*%RIA: Referenced Intake Amount of an average adult 2000kcal/8400kj



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